Each year, thousands of seniors fall victim to elder abuse. This page is dedicated specifically to financial abuse of the elderly.

Common Perpetrators of Senior Financial Abuse & Exploitation

Financial abuse among seniors is often initiated by:

  • Caregivers such as home health workers, nurses or doctors
  • Family members
  • Friends, neighbors and acquaintances.
  • Trusted ministers or pastors

Do you have a loved one you suspect is being taken advantage of? Are you concerned their life savings may be taken from them by people they know and trust?

Looking for help with elderly nursing home abuse or neglect?

Please report potential Tennessee financial abuse or exploitation of an elderly citizen to the Tennessee Department of Human Services’ Adult Protective Services Unit.

1-888-APS-TENN (1-888-277-8366)

About Adult Protective Services

Adult Protective Services is tasked by the Department of Human Services with investigating physical and financial abuse as well as neglect of any kind. To increase awareness of elderly abuse in our state, Adult Protective Services works has teamed with two other agencies in a joint public service message effort using videos. These agencies include the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance and the Tennessee Vulnerable Adult Coalition.

Ways Trusted Persons Defraud Unsuspecting Seniors

Trusted persons frequently use the following methods to defraud the senior:

  • Utilize a power of attorney to gain access to the victim’s finances and assets and use them for the perpetrator’s own purposes.
  • Skim joint accounts by withdrawing small amounts frequently, slowly depriving the senior of a life savings.
  • Charge for services not rendered and pocket extra change. In home care providers sometimes charge for services not rendered, use the senior’s accounts to pay bills that are not theirs, pocket change from errands, or ask the senior to sign time sheets for work not performed.

Unfortunately, financial fraud happens all too often. Seniors are often the target of unscrupulous scam artists. This tragedy is aptly titled “Elder Financial Abuse”. A recent study revealed that 10.4% or more of seniors are abused and 90% of those cases include some form of financial abuse.

Common Financial Scams that Target the Elderly

Strangers frequently target seniors for scams that seem legitimate but the senior is stripped of needed money and assets without warning. Common financial scams include:

  • Claims they have “won” a contest or sweepstakes and only need to provide money or banking information to collect.
  • A family member is in trouble and needs money wired right away.
  • The house needs some form of renovation right away. The senior pays and never sees the money or the work.

Financial abuse is costly in monetary terms and personal terms and can be devastating to seniors and their families.

Families are often protective of their elderly relatives. If you suspect elder financial abuse, please call our office at (615) 244-3331 right away. We can help protect your loved one and may be able to recover stolen property and assets.

Elderly Abuse in Tennessee: Adult Protective Services

To report elder financial abuse, call the Tennessee Adult Protective Services line at 1-888-APS-TENN (1-888-277-8366)

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